Rogan Drilling Services Ltd

Specialists in Drilling Rig Supervision, Inspection and Audit Services

Started in 2012 by Steven Rogan, Rogan Drilling Services Ltd has grown in a struggling market from strength to strength, starting out purely for consultancy purposes Rogan Drilling Services has since expanded into rig and equipment salvage, wellsite and rig equipment auditing and inspection services.

By collaborating with key onshore companies, Rogan Drilling Services can offer a whole variety of services to suit your requirements.

Rogan Drilling Services deliver a wide variety of Oil Field Services that are tailored to ensure optimum performance of your rig, reduce operational down time & maintain the safety of your personnel.

Why Choose Us?

Rogan Drilling Services Ltd has been built on hard work, technical excellence and a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction.
  • Excellent Reputation

    We have built a reputation for providing a reliable, efficient and friendly service to all our customers big and small.

  • Small & Long Established Business

    Being a small and long established business with long serving staff, we are able to offer clients a more cost effective and personal service.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    You can trust RDS to carry out quick, high quality rig audits and inspections to reduce down time of your oil field operations.

  • Worldwide Support Network

    We have access to a worldwide support network of suppliers and partners to cover all onshire and offshore operations.

  • Highly Skilled Workforce

    RDS have a long serving and highly skilled workforce specialising in all aspects of Rig Supervision, Audits & Inspections

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any company, that’s why we work hard to ensure that our customers receive a quality of service that continues to build our reputation.

RDS can offer professional, reliable and cost effective solutions for your oil rigs operational needs

Our Core Values

These values define how we want to conduct ourselves and our business, and help us to create value for our customers, our employees and our organisation.


We maintain a safe working environment for our employees, customers and suppliers


We strive to get better, smarter and more innovative and be the best in everything we do


We develop and deliver cost effective and fit for purpose solutions


We build and nurture long-term relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers


We put the current and future needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do


We support and value our colleagues and work together as a team in an open and honest way

With years of experience specialising in Drilling Rig Supervision, Inspection and Audit Services, Rogan Drilling Services has a reputation for technical excellence, safety and the fast, high quality fulfillment of services...

Our services are tailored to increase drilling safety and reduce operational downtime...